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Guardianship Forms and Procedures in Tribal Court

Below are adopted NCTCC Guardianship forms. (Updated: October 30, 2011)


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PDF - GC-020(TC)   GC-020(TC).NOTICEOFHRG.9.5.11.PDFSpacer(40.2KB)
Notice of Hearing

PDF - GC-020P(TC)   GC-020P(TC).PROOFPERSSERVICE.9.5.11.PDFSpacer(27.9KB)
Proof of Personal Service of Notice of Hearing

PDF - GC-110(TC)   GC-110(TC).PET.TEMP.GRD.9.5.11.PDFSpacer(40.4KB)
Petition for Temporary Guardianship

PDF - GC-110P(TC)   GC-110P(TC).PET.TEMP.GRD.PERSON.9.5.11.PDFSpacer(70.4KB)
Petition for Temporary Guardianship of the Person

PDF - GC-140(TC)   GC-140(TC).TEMP.GRD.ORDER.9.5.11.PDFSpacer(48.7KB)
Order Appointing Temporary Guardian

PDF - GC-150(TC)   GC-150(TC).TEMP.GRD.LETTERS.9.5.11.PDFSpacer(44.6KB)
Letters of Temporary Guardianship

PDF - GC-210(CA)(TC)   GC-210(CA)(TC)GRD.PET.ATTACH.9.5.11.PDFSpacer(84.5KB)
Guardianship Petition - Child Information Attachment

PDF - GC-210P(TC)   GC-210(P)(TC)PET.GRD.PERSON.9.5.11.PDFSpacer(77.1KB)
Petition for Guardianship of the Person

PDF - GC-210(TC)   GC-210(TC)PET.GRD.MINOR.9.5.11.PDFSpacer(68.5KB)
Petition for Guardianship of the Minor

PDF - GC-211(TC)   GC-211(TC).CONSENTOFGRD.9.5.11.PDFSpacer(26KB)
Consent of Guardian

PDF - GC-212(TC)   GC-212(TC).CONF.SCREENING.FORM.9.5.11.PDFSpacer(55.7KB)
Confidential Screening Form

PDF - GC-240(TC)   GC-240(TC).ORDERAPPOINTGRDMINOR.9.5.11.PDFSpacer(49.7KB)
Order Appointing Guardian of the Minor

PDF - GC-250(TC)   GC-250(TC).LETTERSOFGRD.9.5.11.PDFSpacer(31KB)
Letters of Guardianship

PDF - GC-251(TC)   GC-251(TC).CONFGRDSTATUSREPT.9.5.11.PDFSpacer(68.6KB)
Confidential Guardianship Status Report

PDF - GC-255(TC)   GC-255(TC).PET.TERM.GRD.9.5.11.PDFSpacer(59.4KB)
Petition to Terminate Guardianship

PDF - GC-260(TC)   GC-260(TC).ORDERTERM.GRD.9.5.11.PDFSpacer(38.8KB)
Order Terminating Guardianship

Declaration Regarding Tribal Court Jurisdiction

Findings and Orders Regarding Tribal Court Jurisdiction

PDF - MC-005(TC)   MC-005(TC).FAX.COVER.SHEET.10.29.11.PDFSpacer(23.3KB)
Fax Cover Sheet

PDF - MC-020(TC)   MC-020(TC).ADDITIONALPAGE.9.5.11.PDFSpacer(11.5KB)
Additional Page

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